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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Nutritiously on a Budget?

by Jessica
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How to Get Your Kids to Eat Nutritiously on a Budget?

What can low-income families do if they want their children to eat nutritiously?

Ordinary food is also nutritious.

Ordinary food is definitely enough to make children eat nutritiously.

Just choose food from safe sources.

For example, ordinary eggs and ordinary milk can completely replace high-priced local eggs and organic milk, and there is not much difference in nutritional value. Choose a large, trustworthy store and try to buy fresh ones every day.

Try to have a wide variety of foods each day.

Each meal contains four major food groups: cereals and potatoes, meat and eggs, milk and beans, fruits and vegetables, and at least one food in each group; try to diversify or exchange them as much as possible.

  • Cereals and potatoes include rice, noodles, sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro, corn, etc.
  • Meat and eggs include eggs, lean meat, fish, shrimp, etc.
  • Milk and beans include milk, yogurt, cheese, soy products, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables include vegetables and fruits of various colors.

Food Combos.

For example, iron-rich lean meat and vitamin C-rich colored peppers and fruits together can promote the absorption of iron. Likewise, eating soy products and grains together makes the protein of the two ingredients complementary and has a higher nutritional value.

Calcium Supplements.

To meet your child’s calcium needs for growth, drink 300 ml or more of milk daily.

Drink water several times a day.

Children aged 6-10 years drink 800-1000 ml per day, and those aged 11-17 years drink 1100-1400 ml per day.

Drinking beverages is not recommended.

There is no need to buy any children’s beverages, and try to avoid sugary drinks. Juice is also a sweetened beverage and is not recommended.

Extra snacks are recommended.

Try not to give your child the opportunity to choose puffed foods, high-salt, and high-sugar snacks. Instead, choose fruits, homemade whole wheat bread, eggs, and other self-prepared foods instead of pre-packaged foods as a snack to save money and be relatively safe and healthy.

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