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Can’t Wake Up: 9 Tips to Make Mornings Easier

by Jessica
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Can't Wake Up: 9 Tips to Make Mornings Easier

I can’t wake up in the morning and am drowsy all day. So how do I get up early and be active?

1. Open the curtains.

Sleep with the curtains open. Exposure to sunlight stimulates the synthesis of serotonin, and the stimulation pulses are then transmitted to the entire brain, bringing the brain into a state of wakefulness.

2. Why open the curtains?

If the curtains are drawn, the room is dark, and the alarm clock goes off directly, in this case, your serotonin is not secreted, and you will feel like you can’t wake up, thus triggering feelings such as depression, “not wanting to do anything” and “not wanting to get up.”

3. Go for a walk outside.

If there is not enough light in the room, consider waking up and taking a walk outside for a while. After receiving sunlight, we will feel much more awake.

4. How to promote serotonin secretion?

You can boost serotonin production when you wake up, take a 10 to 20-minute walk, jog, climb stairs, or squat indoors or outdoors.

5. Bedtime preparation.

You can get your running shoes and gym clothes ready before you go to bed and put them on when you get up; it will be much easier to get up early.

6. Healthy diet.

Eat a balanced diet, especially meat, soy, and dairy products, which are rich in tryptophan, the essential condition for synthesizing serotonin.

7. Take a hot bath.

A hot bath after waking up early can wake up the brain and body because hot water raises our body temperature.

8. Sympathetic nervous system.

When the sympathetic nerve, the nerve that is active during the day, takes priority in our autonomic nervous system, the body’s internal organs are active, and the body temperature is higher.

9. Parasympathetic nervous system.

If the nerves rest at night, When the parasympathetic nerves are in priority, the activity of various internal organs decreases, and the body temperature drops. So a hot bath raises our body temperature, and the sympathetic nerves that work during the day are awakened.

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