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9 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Changing Careers

by Jessica
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9 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Changing Careers

I am worried that my job will be eliminated, and I want to make a transition, but I am full of fears about the future. What should I do?

1. Career transition is probably the most basic anxiety you will face.

Anxiety looks invisible, but it has a shape. Its shape is the various fears in our hearts. These fears will turn into multiple reasons in our hearts: I know nothing, I am not capable, I have a car loan and a mortgage to hinder you from taking the first step to change. But in addition to these fears, you have another reason to change your heart: you are not happy. People are always looking for advice, not so much for information as for anxiety relief, by fantasizing that someone more intelligent than us knows the correct answer.

2. Careers are always subject to change.

Over time, many choices that you thought were right at the time will gradually become wrong. Sometimes it’s weird that what doesn’t feel right now is often the reason why it attracted us in the first place. It’s not a matter of choice, and it’s the trajectory of the shift that will naturally occur.

3. Whether to change jobs or not, no one can help you decide.

If you didn’t make up your mind, you wouldn’t listen even if someone said they wanted to change. Even if you listen, he can’t help you bear the consequences and responsibilities of your choice. It would help if you made choices for yourself, even in the face of many unknowns. Because what you choose is your future.

4. Even if you decide to change, that doesn’t mean you have an answer immediately.

Remember that you are not choosing between your current job and a better job, but between your current employment and more possible futures. These possibilities are also vague and must be carefully explored before they can gradually take shape.

5. After the change, you will feel uneasy.

Your life may be worse. But this unease presents a rare challenge. These challenges are stressful, but they can also force you to pick yourself up and find your way out. Some of these ways are reliable, and some are not. That’s why you need to explore. But as long as you act slowly, you will always find your way. And your ability in this kind of exploration gradually becomes more vigorous.

6. When making choices, many wonder if they have enough ability.

Then I concluded that my ability was insufficient, so there was no way to change. This is a wrong idea. Your competencies are gradually developed in dealing with challenges. Now that the challenge has not yet appeared, where do you get the ability? Or, if you want to change jobs, isn’t it because the lack of challenges in this job is not conducive to your ability to grow? Don’t use your current abilities to imagine future challenges and conclude that you are unsuitable for change. Your current ability is not the basis for your choice.

7. What is the basis for the choice?

It’s how ambitious you are to find your path. When people face changes, they will have uncertainty and anxiety. The only difference is that some people have more variable experiences, so they know better that anxiety is an inevitable experience of exploring the unknown. Others, who have no experience with change, take this anxiety as a signal that it shouldn’t change.

8. A career change is like you are on one path now, and you must explore another approach slowly.

This road is not always there, and you walk out slowly. Don’t think about what you don’t want. Think about what you want. Then think about it, what is a simple exploration that is closer to that path? Try to do something and let reality give you feedback. Think about who you know that is closer to this path. Talk to them and see if their experiences can inspire you.

9. I have experienced career changes, chosen a more accessible and creative path, and am delighted with my current life so that I will be more inclined toward this path.

But this does not mean that it was formed from the beginning. I also experienced a lot of confusion before slowly embarking on this path. When I first quit my job, I gave up a lot. At one point, I also doubted whether I had made a wise decision. But looking back today, I will say frankly that I do not regret my decision. Moreover, the rewards I have gained on the new road far outweigh what I have lost.

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