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9 Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Flying and Help You Relax

by Jessica
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9 Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Flying and Help You Relax

Every time I take a plane, I get very nervous. How can I overcome this fear?

1. The probability of a plane crash.

You should know that the chance of an accident on a plane is about 1 in 11 million, less than the chance of being struck by lightning or chased by a shark.

2. Tell the flight attendant about your concerns.

When you board the plane, tell the flight attendant about your experience and concerns. Fear of flying is nothing to be embarrassed about, and a flight attendant’s duty is to assist passengers. Therefore, it would be best if you let the flight attendant and other passengers around you know so they do give you help and support. You can also ask to switch to a seat in the front, where the airflow is minimal and the flight experience is more comfortable.

3. Imagine yourself in a safe place.

In your airplane seat, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in your bedroom, on the beach, or wherever you feel safe, and then relax and enjoy the state where you don’t need to do anything.

4. A simple and effective method of relaxation.

Breathing exercises are simple and effective ways to relax. When you feel tense, turn your attention to your breathing and feel each exhale and inhale. You can download some meditation audio beforehand and follow the audio guide to relax on the plane.

5. If you encounter a bumpy airflow.

Imagine yourself in a car, driving on a gravel road with uneven heights. Take a deep breath, relax your muscles, and let your body rise and fall as the plane bumps up and down.

6. Distraction.

Bring a photo of your flight’s final destination, or imagine yourself on the plane at the end of a great travel experience; in the process of imagining, your attention shifts from the process of the moment (flying) to the end result (destination). The shift in attention can be effective in relieving anxiety.

7. Get familiar with the sound of the airplane.

Familiarize yourself with the sound of the plane. If you are afraid of flying, the sound of airplane engines may make you nervous. During the day, you can play the sound of the plane in a safe place so that you get used to the sound. Over time, the sound of the plane’s engine will no longer make you feel so nervous, and the tension of the flight process will also decline.

8. Go to a psychiatrist.

If you have felt the tension too strong to relieve yourself during past flights, then you can go to a psychiatrist and ask him to help prescribe medication to relieve the symptoms.

9. Fear also has a good side.

There is a good side to fear. There is evidence that a worry about future events can enhance the feeling of well-being after the event is over, meaning that your positive emotions when you arrive safely at your destination are much higher than those of the average passenger.

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