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7 Tips to Change Your Late Sleeping Habits

by Jessica
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7 Tips to Change Your Late Sleeping Habits

How to Change the Late Sleep Habits?

1. It’s not that you don’t want to sleep, but you don’t specify which things you need to accomplish before you can go to bed. You can make a “Go to sleep list after doing these things” that works exceptionally well for an early bedtime.

For example, I made the list today: finish this blog, play basketball for 50 minutes, and read a book for 15 minutes. Usually, these things have nothing to do with work. However, when these tasks are completed, my anxiety is suddenly released, and I sleep calmly.

2. In addition to setting a wake-up alarm, you also need to put in another sleep alarm because it is difficult to extricate ourselves when immersed in our mobile phones.

When the alarm rings, your brain realizes it is time to go to bed. You can enter the bedtime ritual.

3. I highly recommend you create a bedtime ritual to get you to sleep quickly.

This ritual is divided into three stages; the first stage is called transition activities; you can put the phone into the study to charge and the TV off; the purpose of the transition activities is to stop the current activities being carried out and switch to the bedtime state. Then do eight stretches and take a shower, which is the second stage, the purpose of which is to relax. Then, finally, there is turning off the lights, which is the signal activity, the official signal to go to bed, and should be the last thing you do before bed.

These three stages are quoted from the book “Sleepless in America,” which you can also read if interested.

4. Be sure to put down all digital devices 1 hour before going to bed, and stop posting on social statuses, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

There’s a “ping-pong effect” here: as long as you serve, the opponent hits it back, and you have to hit it again. You seem to have sent a status or message randomly, but you can’t help but keep checking to see if someone likes or comments, and then you reply, and someone else replies to you… It’s endless; look at the watch again. By then, it was already past bedtime.

5. If you find it difficult to put down your phone, you must deliberately arrange a “do before bed” to divert your attention.

It is recommended that you keep a book by your bedside and divert your attention from your phone by reading it. But, of course, you can also chat with your family or make a rule to tidy up your living room before going to bed every day.

6. You can call on your family to get into the habit of going to bed early together.

If everyone turns off the lights at 10:30 p.m. and goes to bed, the overall environment will affect everyone and benefit everyone.

7. Many people sleep late because they have been “thinking” before going to bed, so it is always recommended to have a pen and a small notebook at the bedside; I call it the “distractions collection box.”

For example, suddenly think of a document to add a piece of information, immediately write it down; suddenly think to lose weight tomorrow must eat less, immediately write it down! In this process, you will find fewer and less distracting thoughts in your head and sleep peacefully. The exciting thing is: that the next day when you wake up and look at the little book, you find that most of the record is indeed just random thoughts.

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