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15 Tips on How to Choose a Home Hair Removal Device

by Jessica
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15 Tips on How to Choose a Home Hair Removal Device

I want to buy an at-home hair removal device. However, there are too many types, and I can’t understand the parameters. How should I choose?

1. Hair removal device hair removal effect is better.

Many people will ask: Is the hair removal device better than waxing and razors? The answer is yes.

The advantage of physical removal methods like waxing is that they are cheap and can be used at home, but the disadvantage is that the hair grows back every few weeks, so you need to keep shaving. Home hair removal devices are slightly more expensive, but the effect is a little more permanent than shaving.

2. Hair removal devices all work with the same principle.

Light energy is irradiated to the root of the hair follicle, and the melanin absorbs it so that the light energy is converted into heat energy, causing thermal damage to the hair follicle and causing the hair to stop growing until it falls off.

Repeated irradiation multiple times can inhibit hair re-growth, making the effect more lasting.

3. Pay attention to false advertising.

However, the home hair removal instrument can not achieve the effect of “forever hair removal”; if there is a device advertised that”with a few times to stop growing completely,” it is false advertising, no doubt.

Because at-home laser hair removal devices can only make the hair follicles dormant and cannot destroy them, they can only reduce hair and slow the growth rate.

4. Photon hair removal device is recommended.

To choose a home hair removal instrument, I suggest only considering a photon hair removal instrument, not a laser hair removal instrument.

Because laser hair removal device uses a single wavelength of light (usually 808nm or 810nm), the energy is powerful; However, the hair removal effect is good, the pain is also very strong, and the high energy may also bring more side effects.

5. How to choose a photon hair removal device.

The minimum standard is to have safety certification, and the safety certification of electronic products varies from country to country.

CFDA (China), CE (European Union), and PSE (Japan) certification is currently the most authoritative certification in terms of hair removal instruments, and one of them is fine. However, note that a safety certification is only the minimum standard, which does not mean the effect is good.

6. Look for the certification mark of the hair removal device.

Generally, the certification mark will be printed in a prominent position on the product packaging or in the product description.

If neither is available, and you don’t get a positive answer when you ask customer service, don’t buy it.

7. Look at the wavelength of the instrument.

This is the most critical factor in the purchase: that above 550 nm are considered passable, and those up to 600nm-1100nm are considered excellent.

Because below 550nm, the light may be harmful to the skin and eyes; to the range of 600nm-1100nm, the light can penetrate the skin and reach the depth of the hair follicle, and the hair removal effect is better.

8. Look at the light-emitting area of the instrument.

That is, the area of the lamp head, in about 3c㎡ is better, not too big.

If it is much larger than this area, although it is convenient to use, the smaller the energy density in the unit area, the weaker the hair removal effect.

9. You also need to pay attention to the light life of the instrument.

It is the number of flashes of the hair removal instrument. If you use it alone, 100,000 times is enough, and most hair removal devices can meet it.

If multiple people use one, it is recommended to choose more than 300,000 times; the instrument has a long life and is more cost-effective.

10. No epilation device can be used indefinitely.

Some instruments claim to be tens of millions of times and infinite times. So please don’t take it too seriously. Because technically, the life of the lamp can not reach so many times, even if it can flash so many times, the effect of hair removal will be minimal in the end.

11. Hair removal devices come with filters.

Generally, there are three kinds yellow, orange, and red. It is recommended to choose red. If there is no red one, choose the orange one, and the yellow one will not be considered.

12. The red filter works best.

A red filter can filter out the wavelength of 600nm pulsed light; the effect of this light is better. And the orange filter can filter out the wavelength of 550nm or more light and be used.

13. Optional features.

In addition to the above more critical indicators, there are some secondary indicators, not necessary; you can pick according to their own needs: better with a cold compress and ice-sensing functions, is better with multiple gears, is better with automatic light output with no manual operation, even is better with a sterilization box.

14. Not suitable for people who use epilators.

Special reminder, the following groups of people should not easily use hair removal devices: those whose skin color is too dark, allergic bodies, took photosensitive drugs, keloid, and local tattoos or scars of people.

15. Why is a hair removal device not recommended for people with too dark skin?

Because the hair removal device cannot distinguish between the melanin of the hair roots and the melanin of the skin, it “destroys” the melanin together, so these people’s skin may be damaged by mistake.

If unsure about your judgment, you can ask your dermatologist or read the “contraindications, side effects” section in the device manual.

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