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11 Tips on How to Make Friends When You Have Low Self-esteem

by Jessica
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11 Tips on How to Make Friends When You Have Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem, Like to lie, no friends, want to make friends, what to do?

1. Stop lying.

People who lie cannot make real friends. Once you lie, the you that others know is not the real you, and you cannot trust and rely on relationships with others, and true friendship can never be built.

2. Try to establish communication with others.

You can communicate with classmates, colleagues, and acquaintances, participate in constructive group discussions online, or chat anonymously in online communities where the atmosphere is better.

3. At the beginning of communication with others, it is important not to tell them everything about yourself and not to lie.

You can tell the other person a little about yourself and see how they react. If they are more accepting, you can go on to talk more. If the other person is not acceptable and uninterested, you should not go on, and you can find someone else to communicate with again.

4. Many people lie socially because they cannot accept themselves.

Therefore, they will be susceptible to outsiders’ reactions, receive the slightest negative signal, and can’t help but cover up (or protect themselves).

5. The unnatural presentation caused by lying and covering up can induce suspicion in the other person and tension in yourself, leading to a more negative social experience.

6. Find out what is unacceptable to you.

It would help if you listed all the lies you have told in the past; each lie must contain a point where you can’t accept yourself; even many lies point to the same issue.

7. Identify the reasons why you cannot accept yourself.

It may be that your parents have belittled you; it may also be that you are too competitive and have unrealistic expectations of yourself for perfection.

8. Reverse the wrong way of thinking and accept yourself.

For example, the put-downs and ridicule you receive from your parents and classmates do not necessarily represent the facts, much less the opinions of others in this world.

9. When communicating with others, you and the other person don’t have to have the same point of view, and the other person doesn’t have to agree with you completely.

If you set out with the expectation that the other person will agree with you and think as you do, you are almost certain to fail socially.

10. You may meet some people who are particularly like-minded to you, and these people may eventually become excellent friends with you.

Generally, at the same time, there may only be 1-3 such like-minded people. The kind of close friends who have recognized each other for a long time and can have deep friendships all the time, there may only be two or three in a lifetime, and the ratio is meager.

11. The vast majority of people make friends more casually.

In many social interactions, screening out true friends is a process that cannot be rushed.

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