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10 Tips to Stop Your Family from Snoring

by Jessica
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10 Tips to Stop Your Family from Snoring

My family members are snoring loudly while sleeping, which affects my sleep. How can I stop my family members from snoring?

1. People will snore, not because breathing is more forceful, but because the positions of the airways, such as the nose, pharynx, and larynx, become narrow.

When a person breathes, the airflow through these narrow positions will be resisted and will cause the soft tissue to vibrate, and the snoring will sound.

2. There are two conditions that most often lead to snoring:

  • One is overexertion, where the soft tissues of the pharynx become relaxed, and the airway becomes narrower than usual.
  • Second, acute nasopharyngitis, and swollen tonsils, lead to poor ventilation of the pharynx.

3. You can observe your family members; if their snoring is evenly paced and smooth in pitch, without sudden interruptions, it is not too severe, regardless of which of the above two causes.

To relieve, you only need to do two things: let your family members sleep more on their sides or change a suitable pillow.

4. If your family members snore loudly but irregularly and also experience apnea, for example, the snoring is loud for a while and suddenly disappears for a while, as if holding a breath, then you need to be vigilant at this time, it may be “Obstructive Sleep Apnea,” or OSA.

5. Although OSA is a minor snoring disease, its impact on health is not small. If the condition is not treated, people will suffer from sleep disturbance, daytime sleepiness, memory loss, and cognitive decline in severe cases.

And it is also closely related to many diseases, such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and diabetes. So if you find that your family member has a problem with snoring, don’t think it is trivial; you must pay more attention to it. 

6. For common snoring and mild to moderate OSA, try an oral appliance for relief. It can help open the narrowed airway, so airflow is not obstructed, snoring is naturally lighter, and the person is less prone to oxygen deprivation.

7. If your family member has severe temporomandibular arthritis, severe periodontitis, or severe tooth loss, it is not suitable to wear oral appliances. You should ask your doctor to determine the suitability and choose the most appropriate style for your family member’s mouth rather than purchasing them alone.

8. Want to alleviate the disease of OSA? Several risk factors in life need to be adjusted in addition to listening to the doctor’s recommendation for checkups and wearing appliances.

If your family happens to be obese, drink a lot of alcohol over a long period, smoke for a long time, and take sedative or muscle relaxant medications regularly. Immediate targeted control is needed, and intake must be reduced; even if they cannot be strictly quit immediately, they must reduce their intake.

9. OSA may also be caused by other diseases, such as hypothyroidism, acromegaly, cardiac insufficiency, stroke, gastroesophageal reflux, and neuromuscular disorders.

If a family member with severe snoring has these problems, they must remember to talk to the doctor when going to the hospital, and the doctor will control these diseases, and the snoring symptoms can be relieved.

10. If you’ve tried all of the above and haven’t gotten any relief, then you’ll come to the final step: Surgery.

However, you are reminded that while it is true that some people do get better with the removal of snoring, this does not apply to everyone. Therefore, it is best to seek professional judgment from a doctor at a sleep center and decide after strictly checking the indications for surgery.

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