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10 Tips to Prevent Weight Loss Rebound

by Jessica
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10 Tips to Prevent Weight Loss Rebound

I’m in the process of losing weight. However, I heard that weight loss is easy to rebound. Is weight loss a cycle of losing weight, recovering, and losing weight again?

1. First of all, I think it is necessary to distinguish between weight loss failure and weight loss rebound. But, unfortunately, many people do not stick to it.

For example, after sticking to the weight loss diet for two weeks, just after losing 5.5lb / 2.5kg, they start to eat and drink again, which leads to weight gain. This is not called rebound.

2. The weight fluctuation during the weight-loss period is also not called rebound.

In many cases, the weight quickly returned (within 6.6lb / 3 kg) is likely to be brought about by the increase in body water, sometimes eating too many carbohydrates and salt, resulting in a short period of water retention in the body, adjusting the diet will soon regain the weight. Occasionally, overeating one day leads to a weight gain of several pounds. Also, you do not need to be anxious because fat accumulation will not be so fast.

3. What is considered a natural rebound?

I think it is: first, you lose weight successfully, that is, to achieve your weight loss goal. Then if your weight goes back up an average of 6.6-13.2lb / 3-6kg per month for a few months after the weight loss is over. Or gain about 5% of your body weight every month, which can be understood as a rebound. However, for someone who is losing weight, I recommend not talking about “rebounding” at all times; it will only make it easier for you to give up.

4. Most people rebound after losing weight because they didn’t do an excellent job of “eating” this link.

If the approach to weight loss is too extreme and the diet is too harsh, it is not easy to maintain after losing weight. That’s why I tell my weight loss friends to eat enough and eat well during the diet. If you implement a scientific diet plan during the weight-loss period, familiarize yourself with the types of food and calories, and establish good eating habits, you’ve laid the foundation for long-term body maintenance.

5. In fact, it’s much easier to maintain your weight after losing weight than it is to lose weight.

This is something that many people don’t realize, and people who have lost weight successfully know this. The reason is simple: keeping fit does not require creating a caloric gap during weight loss, so instead, you can eat more than you would during a fat loss period. According to the average person’s daily exercise, a girl who eats no more than 1600 kcal per day and a guy who eats no more than 1800 kcal per day does not gain weight. Evenly spread to three meals, the average meal can eat 500-600 kcal calories; this calorie ultimately does not have to struggle to adhere to the control diet, just need to choose the calorie density of low food.

6. After losing weight successfully, if I cook at home, I recommend a standard that I have summarized myself:

Each meal is a fist-sized carbohydrate food, that is, the leading food, and then eat a fist-sized protein food (lean meat, seafood or eggs, and soy products, you can put a few grams of oil fried), oil-free green All-you-can-eat vegetables. In this way, the total calories of a meal are only 400-600 kcal.

10 Tips to Prevent Weight Loss Rebound

7. Ordering takeout and eating out at restaurants are the biggest threats to rebounding after losing weight.

Many people around me gained weight after losing weight because they overate takeout. The main reason is that take-out puts too much oil in it, and it’s easy to exceed 800 kcal in one meal, far higher than the standard 500-600 kcal per meal. Therefore, if you have to order takeout at ordinary times when ordering, you should repeatedly emphasize in the remarks that the store should put less oil.

8. After successful weight loss, try not to eat chopped vegetables and meat.

Because the more chopped, the more oily the surface area.

9. There are always unavoidable gatherings and large meals.

The diet before and after the gathering must be adjusted deliberately, and the amount must be reduced to half the usual amount.

10. It is recommended to keep the habit of measuring your weight on an empty stomach in the morning, which can effectively remind you to pay attention to your weight.

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