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10 Best Tips on Whether to Get Your Thyroid Checked

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10 Best Tips on Whether to Get Your Thyroid Checked

Do I need thyroid tests?

1. In recent years, the incidence of thyroid cancer has increased significantly.

It is recommended that women over the age of 35 and men over 40 should add neck ultrasounds to the annual physical examination. Neck ultrasound is inexpensive but has sound preventive effects. Especially men over 25 years old, and women over 20 years old, who have a family history of thyroid disease, should be checked 15 years in advance.

2. Women are advised to pay more attention to the thyroid gland, as the incidence of thyroid cancer in women has been significantly higher than in men in recent years.

3. If the physical examination reveals abnormalities, the report will indicate the presence of thyroid nodules, the location, and the size, single or multiple.

The incidence of multiple nodules is higher than single nodules, but the incidence of single-nodule thyroid cancer is higher.

4. If there is a single thyroid nodule, it is recommended to follow up regularly, and the best cycle is six months.

During the follow-up, try to choose the hospital that provided you with the B-ultrasound to compare whether there is any change in the nodule. Moreover, if the doctor recommends related tests such as ECT, follow the doctor’s order to determine the nature of the nodule.

5. Once diagnosed with thyroid cancer, surgical resection is the first choice, as the surgical treatment is effective.

6. After recovery, there will be an inconspicuous thin line wound that looks like a neckline, which can be covered with a silk scarf.

If you are particularly concerned about the appearance of the neck, you can also ask your doctor to perform thyroid surgery from the mouth.

7. Aside from surgical treatment methods, there are also methods such as ablation therapy and drug suppression therapy.

8. Thyroid cancer is considered a relatively benign cancer.

Papillary thyroid cancer accounts for over 80% of all thyroid cancers and is also known as “lazy cancer.” Because these cancer cells are usually slow-growing and low-grade, they rarely cause complications.

9. After the resection, lifelong follow-up should be adhered to, and the inspection items include neck ultrasound and thyroid function testing.

Pay attention to your diet:

  1. Eat high-protein and high-fiber foods, mainly vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, and milk;
  2. Avoid greasy, spicy, and irritating foods;
  3. Quit smoking and alcohol.

10. The cause of thyroid cancer is uncertain, and there is currently no definite preventive measure. 

Early detection through regular physical examination and screening can improve cure and survival rates. In addition, radioactive exposure should be avoided, and the intake of iodine should be reasonably controlled. If you live in coastal areas and often eat foods high in iodine, such as sea fish and kelp, it is recommended to choose edible salt without iodine to avoid excessive intake of iodine.

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